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What they dont want you to know about the Female Anatomy!

This newly purported theory attempts to explain the erratic nature of women, regardless of ethnicity.

To sum it up, it is believed by an elite few that the true nature of the female skull is hidden from the world, even from women themselves! It is believed to be a world wide conspiracy designed to help promote equality between the sexes.

The female brain theory or female brain conspiracy is that the global elite is covering up the fact that women don't have any brain tissue in their skulls, but instead their skull contains titty milk. The source of the females "apparent" cognition still has yet to be theorized.

It is thought that the majority of titty milk is produced inside of the skull as the female matures into adulthood. The breasts only swell up to facilitate better milk flow and to regulate the titty milk temperature as it flows down from to skull and into the boobies.

It has always been a mystery as to why domestic abuse seems to be more prevalent during the breast-feeding phase in the child rearing process, but the head traumas caused by domestic abuse can be explained as an evolutionary advantage to both the man and woman involved. It is thought that the titty milk inside the female skull can get stale if it stagnates. So to combat this problem males are thought to have an instinctual understanding of this issue and is urged by nature to inflict what some may call "head trauma" to the female so that their child's milk is less viscous and more nourishing.

It should be noted that this domestic abuse more commonly occurs in lower income areas of the world.

But who really knows whats real anymore? You only get to choose your cards from Big Brothers deck, unless of course you're stuck in the loony bin.


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